About Us

We believe that climate-kind stewardship of the earth is central to lasting prosperity. Sustainable communities not only benefit the environment, but also attract business and grow local economies.

Our mission is for Mississippi to become a climate-kind state.

Board of Directors

Dominika Parry, PhD

President/CEO and Board Member

Nancy Anne Branton

Chairwoman of the Board

Alan Penman, MBChB, PhD, MPH

Treasurer of the Board

Inglish DeVoss.jpg

Inglish DeVoss

Secretary of the Board


Candace Partridge, PhD

Board Member

Board of Advisors

Kane Ditto

Principal of StateStreet Group, L.L.C.

Former Mayor of Jackson

Kenneth Townsend

Executive Director of Institute for Civic & Professional Engagement 

Special Assistant to Millsaps President Rob Pearigen

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Millsaps College

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Contact Us

If you are interested in our work, would like to learn more or get involved, we would love to hear from you!