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Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Taskforce



The task force is a group of institutions and individuals created to advise and assist the City of Jackson in developing and implementing municipal climate change solutions. The solutions will address both climate change mitigation (emission reductions) and adaptation. These climate actions will simultaneously address the goals of climate justice, economic wellbeing and prosperity of Jackson’s citizens. 


The task force is chaired by Dr. Dominika Parry, CEO of 2oC Mississippi and currently includes: 

David Bickham, Bickham Innovation Catalysts, LLC

Abby Bramann, Pearl River Keeper

Thorne G. Butler, Mississippi Ice and Court Sports Association

Kathy Egland, NAACP-National Board, Environmental and Climate Justice Committee 

Catherine Lee, Green and Health Homes Initiatives

Dominika Parry, PhD, 2oC Mississippi

Alan Penmann, MD, PhD, MPH,  2oC Mississippi and UMMC

Joan Wesley, PhD, Jackson State University 


Dr. Robert Blaine, the Chief Administrative Officer will represent the administration on the Task Force. The group will be meeting on monthly basis.


The Taskforce will begin developing a comprehensive Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Plan, while working on recently initiated projects: An Extreme Heat Preparedness Plan (project supported by a grant from the National League of Cities' Local Climate Solutions Engagement); Urban Island Heat Mapping (NOAA-funded 2020 Heat Campaign) and Municipal Carbon Accounting (supported by Environmental Insights Explorer).

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