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Towards a Climate-Kind and Prosperous Mississippi

We provide creative ideas, scientific expertise and technical support to local governments, municipalities, communities and businesses interested in climate-kind strategies. We provide and promote cost-effective strategies to minimize their carbon footprints through energy efficiency, access to renewable energy sources, waste minimization, and resource conservation (with a special focus on carbon sequestration and carbon release prevention). 

Carbon Accounting

We work with local municipalities and communities on calculating their carbon footprints. We provide standardized carbon accounting methodologies, organize data collection, and conduct calculations. 

We assist local municipalities and communities in developing cost-effective strategies to reduce their carbon footprint. We rely on local experts to create individualized plans and specific actions. We further offer assistance in implementing these strategies.

We develop and catalyze implementation of local “Climate Action Plans.” We help cities and communities develop comprehensive plans to both reduce their carbon footprints (mitigation), and prepare for unavoidable changes through adaptation.

Promotion of Climate Kindness

We help design and implement promotional campaigns to inform about all climate initiatives in the state. 

We are a 501(c) (3) and your donation qualifies for tax exemption

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