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Heat Emergency Plan for Jackson, MS


This project is conducted in partnership with the city of Jackson, supported and sponsored by grants from the National League of Cities and the EPA.

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We are developing a heat preparedness plan that focuses on addressing local vulnerabilities to build community resilience in Jackson. It includes heat alert activation and deactivation protocols, specify steps to activate/deactivate the plan based on well-defined criteria, identify designated decision makers, and select suitable facilities as primary and secondary cooling centers. These centers include public, air-conditioned buildings (such as libraries, community centers, and swimming pools), as well as private air-conditioned facilities owned by churches and organizations willing to partner with us. Cooling centers will provide drinking water, handicap accessibility, allow service animals, and a designated few even will allow pets. The cooling centers will serve their purpose only if individuals at risk can reach them. Accordingly, we will provide free public and private transport through local partners, who will also provide trained volunteers. We expect to have the extreme heat preparedness for the city of Jackson finalized by end of March 2021.

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