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Going Green for a Cool, Healthy Jackson

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Across the country, redlining and other state sanctioned segregation practices have resulted in longstanding inequities for black residents and other people of color. In the City of Jackson, where 82 percent of the residents are of African American descent and 31 percent live below the poverty line, this legacy is particularly profound. As climate impacts intensify, frontline communities are the least financially prepared to adapt to higher temperatures, and already suffer from many of the cardiac and pulmonary health challenges that sustained levels of heat and humidity can exacerbate.

 The project co-creates with the citizens of Jackson, green (nature-based) solutions on historic Farish Street to keep our communities healthy and safe from the heat, create cooling areas for children and the elderly, collaborate and work together to design our future, and improve public safety.

Our Partners:   

Institutional Partners:

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Members of the Jackson Communities:


Support for this project is provided by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Cities Taking Action to Address Health, Equity & Climate Change program.

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